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PaperScan allows you to control any scanner (TWAIN or WIA), including network scanners, camera or acquisition cards
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17 January 2011

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This is software that lets you get documents scanned easily.

PaperScan is scanning software that can manage multiple sources. The software handles not only TWAIN compatible scanners but also products with WIA protocol and devices such as cameras and acquisition cards. The software is able to determine what protocol it is and control the device accordingly. Any good scanner needs some photo manipulation features. These include autodeskew, rotations on incremental angles, etc. These are required as image skew and rotated images are quite common and you need to correct these easily. This scanning software gives you those and gives you other features that are useful. You could import pages of PDF and other documents and get the punch holes removed, remove borders, automatic blank page detection and removal. You could import any image/PDF files in PaperScan, arrange them in single-page/multi-page configurations and get these enhancements done. There are a range of other image enhancements that could be useful.

Images could be converted into b/w, greyscale or color, color adjustments include brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, filtering to smooth, stretch contrast or median. Some noise removal of isolated dots, applying of contours, sepia effects or scanline effects are also available. Area selection/ cropping selected areas, image resize are other useful effects. Saving the images in one of JPEG, TIFF, PDF and JBIG2 is possible. If you work with document and image scans a lot, this is a feature rich tool that you`d like to try out - could be really useful.

Publisher's description

PaperScan is an universal scanning software designed to offer power as well as simplicity of use.
While most scanning applications are dedicated to one scanner or one scanning protocol, PaperScan allows you to control any scanner, including network scanners (TWAIN or WIA protocols), cameras or acquisition cards.
All features are automatically negotiated and handled by PaperScan.
PaperScan provides flatbed and document feeder support.
Already existing images or PDF files can be imported with PaperScan in order to adjust and enhance the image quality by :
- autodeskewing
-removing punch holes
-removing borders
-blank pages detection and removal
-angle rotation
-converting to black and white or greyscale or colour
-adjusting colour (brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma)
-applying filters to smooth, stretch contrast or median the image
-applying bitonal filters to remove isolated dots or to dilate/erode characters
-applying contour, sepia or scanline effects.
PaperScan allows image rendering quality selection, area selection, crop selected area, image resize, image printing and so on.
PaperLight displays info about image's resolution, size and colour mode.
Acquired or imported files can be easily handled to create multipage or single-paged document files.
You can save files in various formats such as PDF, TIFF , JPEG, PNG and even JBIG2.
Default user interface language in PaperScan is English.
Based on your Windows language settings, PaperScan automatically displays the localised version of the interface, if it exists among PaperScan translated interface versions.Currently, available languages for PaperScan interface are : English and French.
PaperScan Free Edition
PaperScan Free Edition
Version 1.0
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